Here's what you get!

1-on-1 Personal Training

Customized Training Program
I am dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals with a personalized plan that's tailored just for you. My 1-on-1 personal training service is all about you, your needs, and your journey to success.


Single Session $155

4 Session $155 = $620

8 Session $150 = $1,200

12 Session $140 = $1,680

18 Session $130 = $2,340

  • FREE Complimentary Session

    • I will assess your fitness level and guide you through a series of assessments to evaluate your strength, and flexibility, and identify any muscle imbalances.

  • 2 Intro session $120

  • 55 mins training session

  • Accountability and progress tracking

    • I will help you track your progress and stay accountable to your goals with an app, so you can see the progress you've made.

  • Nutritional guidance

    • I provide you with guidance on nutrition, including tips on healthy eating and meal planning.

  • Motivation and support

    • I will be there to motivate and support you every step of the way, helping you to stay on track and overcome any obstacles that may arise.